Statement from Team Caribbean and Lost Bay Regarding the 2024 Season

Dear family, friends, and patrons:

We have unfortunate news to share with you regarding the status of the restaurant at The Caribbean Marina for this summer.  As many of you know, we had planned to fix the restaurant deck by adding in new pilings and support structure with the goal of creating a safe experience for all restaurant guests.  We have no intentions to do anything other than what has been fully approved by the LMCD.  After beginning construction, we ran into a regulatory issue with the DNR.  Until we can work through these concerns, we cannot repair and replace the deck.  

The time frame for working through these issues is, at this point, uncertain.  For that reason, we do not anticipate having a deck in place to use for the restaurant for this summer.  We are currently assessing other options that could allow us to keep at least some portion of the restaurant open during the summer months on a limited basis, and will provide updates on the status of the restaurant as we learn more.

The owners of The Caribbean Marina and our restaurant operating partners, Lost Bay, are all committed to doing everything we absolutely can to getting these issues resolved and achieving normal operations as soon as possible.  We value our restaurant and its importance to the lake.    

We appreciate your understanding and patience.  We will provide more information as soon as it becomes available.


Team Caribbean and Lost Bay